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Make way for Reusable Makeup Swabs! The ultra-soft dual tip is made out of eco-friendly silicone with sturdy bamboo sticks for durability. Perfect for all skin types, these Reusable Makeup Swabs are ideal for ear cleaning makeup application and removal.  Not only are they easy to clean after each use, our Reusable Makeup Swabs come with a bamboo carrier case, perfect for your travels. Say hello to plastic-free swabs!

Plastic-free, reusable makeup swabs
Bamboo carrying case, perfect for travels
Easy to clean and durable

Use when applying and removing makeup and cleaning ears
After each use, soak in hot water for 10 minutes then clean with soap for 60 seconds
After each wash, allow swab to fully air dry before reuse

Eco-friendly Silicone, Bamboo, Cardboard